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Facility Management Companies in Mumbai

Top Facility Management Companies in Mumbai: A Comparative Analysis


Termed the financial capital of India, and one of the most developed cities on the planet, Mumbai is a bustling metropolis that has redefined urbanization and commerce in present-day India, and businesses, both new and old, have made this happen in a significant manner. Now, for businesses, securing and focusing on their core areas of operations is what matters, and that’s where the role of facility management companies in Mumbai comes into light as well.

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, there are several aspects of any business, both core and non-core, that come together to ensure growth and continuity. Now, expertise and resource allocation are key to making any notable difference, and for any business, outsourcing non-core services like pest control and facade cleaning to facility management companies just makes sense.

But, being the decision maker of any business that you are, how would you narrow down your choices and pick the right integrated facility management company in Mumbai for your operations? Well, here’s a list of the top facility management companies in Mumbai, and the specialities and advantages that each one of them brings to the table. So, let’s get started.


This foreign MNC has managed to create quite a wave in the integrated facility management space, and in Mumbai, they provide a wide range of integrated facility management services like housekeeping, catering services, and workplace management.

They actively pursue dynamic and customizable approaches to their activities, something that means that their solutions can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of enterprises across industries and sizes. For a company looking for integrated facility management services in the city, Sodexo can prove to be a decent choice. 


When it comes to providing advanced solutions in the integrated facility management space, S&IB has proved to be a reliable partner. Headquartered in Kolkata, they provide a myriad of services, including everything from housekeeping to disaster management services, and so much more. Thanks to their experience in the space, they understand the exact requirements that companies in Mumbai have, and to that end, they can customize their services to cater to these markets in a seamless manner.

Choosing the right facility management company is essential to ensure that each cog of the organization keeps performing as desired, and as S&IB services provide a wide range of efficient and effective solutions, the companies can focus on their core operations viably, without having to delegate a ton of resource to ensure good facility management in this day and age.

EFS facilities services: 

Founded in 2006, EFS Facilities Services is headquartered in Mumbai, and they have been providing integrated facility management for quite some time now. Be it technical services like HVAC maintenance or operational support like housekeeping, EFS features a wide range of commercial solutions that they can look after in an efficient manner.

To date, they have worked with a wide array of reputable clients, something that stands as a testament to the quality of services that they provide.

360 Facility management services: 

Integrated facility management servicesis a carpet term that is used to refer to a wide variety of individual services that are essential to ensuring the daily operations of a company are executed in a seamless manner. 360 is one of those facility management companies in Mumbai that feature a slew of services and facilities that are aimed at making the overall operations that much more efficient.

OCS Group 

One of the older players in the industry, OCS group has been providing comprehensive integrated facility management services in Mumbai for quite some time now. A wide range of services, including housekeeping, security, etc. can be obtained by working with them. They sport a team of experienced staff, something that helps them deliver transparent and effective services to companies of all shapes and sizes.


Quite in contrast to the previous name on the list, Droneman is a new entrant into the space, but that does not mean that they are inexperienced in their offerings. They are known for offering a plethora of tech-enabled solutions and services that cater to enterprises that are operating out of the city of dreams. Everything from surveillance to facade maintenance can be attained by getting them on board, and these are facts that would have a major role to play in helping a company grow and improve its overall operational performance.


The aforementioned are some of the best facility management companies in Mumbai, and each one of them brings its own set of USPs to the table, be it with respect to experience, quality of service offering, and more. As a business leader and decision-maker, it is your responsibility to pick one that suits your operational requirements in the best manner possible. Facility management is quite a vast area that often gets overlooked or neglected, and this seemingly simple aspect can have severe negative consequences. Working with someone like S&IB can help your business in more ways than one, and there are no two ways about it.


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